Waxing Treatments

Facial Waxing

Our Estheticians are experienced in removing unwanted facial hair acquiring that smooth skin we all love. Makeup applies more perfectly, photos turn out more beautifully, but most of all, your natural face becomes more flawless.  

Eyebrow Styling $12
Upper Lip $6
Hairline $5
Chin $5
Under Chin $7
Full Face $25

Body Waxing

Remove the body hair that sometimes causes discomfort underneath your clothes and against zippers. Get beach/gym ready with smooth skin.

Back $30+
Stomach  $30
Chest  $17+

Arms Waxing

Look great in t-shirts and sleeveless outfits by having our estheticians remove hair from your arms and hands.

Full Arm $25
Half Arm $15
Under Arm $15
Hands $8
Knuckles $4

Legs Waxing

Let our estheticians remove your leg hair to eliminate the inconvenience of daily shaving. We’ll make sure your legs are ready for skirts, shorts and dresses; and we will also increase your speed in athletics whether you’re swimming, running, etc.

Full leg $45
Half Leg $30
Toes $7


Increase your beach confidence where you’ll look smooth and feel great in a bikini. Come let us give you a quick maintenance or full makeover.

Basic Bikini $35
Brazilian (full) $45

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